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Ho sentim! No es fan reserves en línia. L'hotel no té cap tipus definit. Vostè pot trucar a l'hotel i preguntar per la taxa i les disponibilitats directament. +52 012464611142

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KM 10 Carrretera Tlaxcala Tlaxcala, Mexico
Hotel Mision Tlaxcala Telèfon: +52 012464611142    
Informació General

The Hotel Mision Tlaxcala in Tlaxcala, Mexico situated KM 10 Carrretera Tlaxcala can be contacted by phone +52 012464611142. Here it is unfortunately not yet possible to book online.
This accommodation Hotel Mision Tlaxcala would be glad to welcome you soon. The correct data depends on the update of the information through the management and cannot be guaranteed.


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Tlaxcala officially Free and Sovereign State of Tlaxcala, is one of the 31 states which along with the Federal District make up the 32 federative entities of Mexico. It is divided into 60 municipalities and its capital city is Tlaxcala. It is located in East-Central Mexico, in the altiplano region, with the eastern portion dominated by the Sierra Madre Oriental. It is bordered by the states of Puebla to the north, east and south, México to the west and Hidalgo to the northwest. It is the smallest state of the republic, accounting for only 0.2% of the country’s territory. Most of the state’s economy is based on agriculture, light industry and tourism. The tourist industry is rooted in Tlaxcala’s long history with major attractions being archeological sites such as Cacaxtla and colonial constructions in and around Tlaxcala city.

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